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Domina dresden

HD Domina Dresden porn.

Domina Dresden

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Click enter if you are 18 years of age. You agree not to visit the website from countries where such content is illegal and understand that independent 3rd parties post all of the contents. Find Domina Dresden and her bondage studio with us. Find Dominatrix and Mistress Dresden, who are waiting submissive slaves in their dungeon to play kinky fetish games. Domina BDSM is one of the most amazing sexual experiences, involving bondage, roleplaying and dominance. It is a way to explore safely different experiences and feelings both ways.

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Lay off your responsibility and give yourself completely to me. I will make your darkest and dirtiest dreams a reality. There will be no escape for you.

I will take control of you and drive you out of your mind. Let your mistress guide you and dive into another world.

Hd domina dresden porn

Bondage games, submission, humiliation, education, punishment, pleasure pain and power - this is how I will lead you to your limits. I am aloof and untouchable. You will serve as a toy for me. I am allowed to do everything, you are not allowed to do anything. You are tormented, interrogated, humiliated, put on display, fixed and and and. If you obey, you can pamper my feet - but that's about it! Highly sensitive, empathetic, passionate and with a great interest in demanding inclinations and fetishes, I will respond to you and your bizarre needs individually.

I also introduce beginners to the world of BDSM with sensitivity and instinct - it doesn't always have to be tough. Tell me about your fantasies and we will domina dresden them in such a way that I create an experience that you will not soon forget.

Your taboos will of course be observed. Here is my Amazon wish list. You will address me with Mistress Aurelia van Foxx. For patients in my clinic, I am Dr. Aurelia van Foxx.

Classic dominance out of passion

Basically I enjoy my power very much when slaves surrender themselves completely to me and kneel in full humility in front of me. I also love to see her suffer - be it because her ass is glowing from my relentless spanking or because I'm driving her crazy with my teasing while I don't allow her to climax for the time being. In the black area, I love worshiping my feet, verbal humiliation, spanking even the hard way!

As Dr. For Aurelia van Foxx, I domina dresden enjoy doing thorough preventive examinations with enemas, manual anal examinations and urethral dilatations. I especially enjoy sessions with double staging - i. You can find an overview of my other preferences under the FAQs. If something is not listed there that you would like to do, ask me! After you have given me your rough ideas, preferences and taboos via or messenger, I will give you a telephone appointment.

In the phone call we clarify open questions and make an appointment in the studio. In the studio I will sit down with you for a relaxed, detailed preliminary talk to go through the upcoming session again. Afterwards I will show you to the bathroom and you will take a shower. Then it starts After the session, I would be happy if you could take a few minutes and sit down with me again. I would like some feedback from you on how you felt about the session. Yes of course!

Domina dresden

I love to kidnap beginners into my bizarre world I really enjoy showing domina dresden the different types of playing BDSM. I live and work as a dominatrix in Dresden and have a permanent studio here, but I travel regularly in various other cities in Germany and Europe. Check out my calendar further down the. On special request, I can also come to your place in a different city - I will inform you of my additional expenses on request. In any case, the prerequisites are flights, train journeys or transfer costs that have been booked in advance and, if applicable, an overnight stay in a hotel.

Basically and especially with new guests, a meeting always takes place in a professional studio. I also receive regular guests in a hotel. Other possibilities to meet me are by arrangement: Cash and Go, outdoor session, evening and party accompaniment.

This cannot be said in general terms and is always agreed individually. Decisive factors are place, location, duration and type of session and possibly travel costs.

In addition, it is based on your individual wishes for special offers, such as a nude session with me or the use of special equipment or consumables. How attentive of you! I am happy about white flowers, dry sparkling wine or champagne and especially about beautiful lingerie Bras: 80B, Thongs: M. Yes, there are very different ways of doing this - from inclination-specific tasks e.

Just talk to me about it.

Yeah sure! I really enjoy being in front of the camera and I often have photo shoots. Have a look at OnlyFans. There you will find exclusive material, you can chat with me and express your individual wishes. I am delighted, you want to give me a smile?! That being said, I'm sure you know exactly how much a gift from you will draw my attention to you Clever you! After all, there is no better way to support my work.

Here is my wishlist on Amazon: Aurelias Wishlist. I also have other wishlists on Amazon - they are sorted by topic, such as lingerie, stockings, latex, etc. If you are interested, write to me! Send the gift cards to tribute.

If you want to send me money, please use this link to PayPal. You want to give me donation in person? Check my tour dates to see in which city I'm currently, send me a message and we will arrange a meeting point!

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Stelle deine Anfrage lieber sofort — das Special gilt nur am Eine neue exklusive Eventreihe startet am Du auch? Classic dominance out of passion I am Aurelia van Foxx - untouchable dominatrix in a class of its own!

Do you want to enjoy being completely at the mercy of yourself and letting go? Are you a submissive slave? Then contact me. You can find my current tour dates here on my website. How can I address you? What is it about the BDSM world that appeals to you?

What are your favorite practices? How do I get to a session with you? Do you also receive domina dresden in black and white? Where can I meet you? Can I meet you for a session outside of the studio? What tribute do you charge for a meeting? I would like to bring you a little surprise - what would you be happy about?

Do you also offer online education and sessions? I am interested in worn clothing, do you offer something like this? How can I support my mistress and make her happy? Further preferences:. Zeitraum: Datum: