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The Prussian T 7 was a group of goods tank locomotives of the Prussian State Railways with an T wheel arrangement.

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The group T 7 of the Prussian State Railways were freight train tender locomotives with the wheel arrangement C. It was not a series in today's sense of exactly the same machines.

A second, slightly revised series, delivered to the latter company inproved itself so well that its de was adopted as sample sheet III-4c in the Prussian standard parts. The systematisation of the deations begun in summarized all locomotives of this type still existing at that time - both the "normal" and the "pre-normal" - at the Prussian Railways in the group T7.

So 65 machines e. Even after the group was formed, a total of 28 came into the Prussian administration, all of which had construction des that differed from the sample sheet. With the copies procured according to the sample sheet, there is consequently the of machines that were grouped as T7 by the Prussian State Railways. The locomotives were mainly used in heavy shunting. Therefore, they were mainly stationed in the industrial areas.

After the First World War27 machines came to Poland. Some of the state railway locomotives were later taken over by the Deutsche Reichsbahn ; While in T7s were still included as 89 in the Deutsche Reichsbahn's re-drawing plan for regional railway locomotivesin only 68 units were classified as the 89 78 series in their ing plan.

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Byhowever, all of these machines had been taken out of service. As a result of the turmoil of the war and the post-war period, some machines are said to have reached Belgium and Latvia. Another dr deutsch ichtershausen came in from the nationalized Bremer Hafenbahn as 89 to the Deutsche Reichsbahn, was sold to the Kreis Oldenburger Eisenbahn AG and with this came back to the Reichsbahn in After the Second World Waronly a few examples existed on private and works railways. It was in service there until and was sold to the Erfurt industrial railway, where it remained until it was retired in One copy is in Poland[4] one in Luxemburg from Train Deutsche Reichsbahn — : expresspassengerfreighttender and narrow-gauge locomotives.

Deutsche Bundesbahn : express trainpassenger trainfreight traintendernarrow-gauge locomotives.

Deutsche Reichsbahn — : expresspassengerfreighttendernarrow-gauge locomotives. Home Wiki.

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Table of Contents. Steam locomotives. DR 89 — DR 89 Year of construction s :.

Type :. Genre :. Gauge :. Length over buffers:.

Members of the executive board

Service mass:. Friction mass:. Wheel set mass :. Top speed:. Driving wheel diameter:.

of cylinders:. Cylinder diameter:.

Piston stroke:. Boiler overpressure:.

Grate area:. Evaporation heating surface:. Handbrake partly vapor barrier on all wheel sets acting on one side from the front, later compressed air brake.