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Espey1, K. Kielwein1, J.

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Kind code of ref document : A2. Kind code of ref document : A3. Ref country code : DE. Ref legal event code : Ref country code : JP. The invention relates to the use of CNS-stimulating substances for producing medicaments used to treat infertility, orgasmic disturbances, and ejaculatory disturbances in men. The invention also relates to a method for treating infertility, orgasmic disturbances, and ejaculatory disturbances in men consisting of the administration of CNS-stimulating substances.

Claims 1. Use of a CNS-stimulating substance for the manufacture of a medicament for the treatment of infertility in men. Use according to claim 1 or 2, wherein the CNS-stimulating substance is selected from amphetamine derivatives, antidepressants, dopamine agonists, nitro preparations and synthetic endorphin agonists.

Use according to claim 3, wherein the CNS-stimulating substance is an amphetamine derivative and in particular amfetaminil or pemoline.

Use according to claim 3, the CNS-stimulating substance being selected from bupropion and apomorphine. Use according to claim 3, wherein the CNS-stimulating substance is a nitro preparation, in particular nitroglycerin, the drug being administered perlingually or orally, or isosorbide dinitrate, the drug being administered orally.

Dea1 - use of a preparation containing a creatine-component and a further component of e.g. l-carnitine, acetyl-l-carnitine, arginine, glutathione, vitamin c and vitamin e, as a dietary supplement for improving the male fertility in vertebrates - google patents

Use according to claim 8, wherein the medicament increases the ability to empty the epididymis stores. A method for treating infertility in men, characterized in that the men to be treated are administered a CNS-stimulating substance as defined in claims 1 to 6.

DE DEA1 en AUA en. DEA1 en.

7. dvr-kongress

WOA2 en. WOA3 en.

EPB1 en. DET2 en.

Woa2 - medicament for treating human infertility - google patents

DEC2 en. Preparations containing apomorphine and sildenafil and their use for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. EPA2 en.

Use of diphenyl hydantoin and its derivatives in the preparation of a pharmaceutical agent for the treatment of immune diseases. Use of deuterated n-[2- 5-methoxy-1h-indolyl -ethyl]acetamides and the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, and medicaments containing said compounds.

A CNS-penetrant NK-1 receptor antagonist in combination with an antidepressant or anxiolytic drug for the treatment of depression and anxiety. WOA1 en. EPA1 en. Parkinsonism treatment compsn - containing ergocornine or 2-bromo-alpha ergocryptine.

Combination of desoxypeganine and mecamylamine for the treatment of alcohol abuse. Ep: the epo has been informed by wipo that ep was deated in this application. Request for preliminary examination filed prior to expiration of 19th month from priority date pct application filed before Ref country code : DE Ref legal event code : Ep: public notification in the ep bulletin as address of the adressee cannot be established.