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Mehr Infos. Haben Sie einen tollen Mann kennengelernt, fragen Sie sich sicher, ob er Sie genauso gut findet. Auch Frauen machen es Einem nicht immer leicht.

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Vielleicht sind Sie, so wie dieser junge Mann damals zum Erretter, auch zu dieser Konferenz gekommen und fragen sich, ob Ihr Dienst annehmbar ist.

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I will be kind and show compassion for other people and living things. I will be kind I will be considerate and kind, not only to my fellow man, but also to all of God's creation.

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I am responsible for my online activities in and outside of school time; I will be kind and respect- ful. I will be kind and polite to teachers, staff and fellow students, and refrain from hurtful remarks about appearance, race, religion, family, intelligence and sexuality. Fortsetzungsanspruch des Arbeitnehmers muss allerdings zeitnah gelten gemacht werden. Dogs, cats and other household pets, and chickens may be kept provided that they are not kept or maintained for any commercial purpose. I will be kind to other participants.

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I will follow the instructions of all recreation staff. I will show respect for others at all times. Thus, for a given action of my opponent, it makes a difference for my utility payoff whether I believe that he takes this action because he believes that I will be kind to him or because he believes that I am going to hurt him.

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Examples of I will be kind in a sentence I will be kind and show compassion for other people and living things. The Government means the Government of Karnataka State. Pursuant to the terms of the Indenture, units of fractional undivided interest in the Trust the "Units" will be issued in the aggregate set forth in the Indenture.

We have examined and are familiar with originals or certified copies, or copies otherwise identified to our satisfaction, of such documents as we have deemed necessary or appropriate for the purpose of this opinion. In giving this opinion, we have relied upon the two opinions, each dated today and addressed to the Trustee, of Chapman and Cutler LLP, counsel for the Depositor, with respect to the factual assumptions and the matters of law set forth therein. We have assumed that the assets of the Trust will consist exclusively of debt securities, equity securities in entities classified as corporations for federal income tax purposes, or a combination thereof.

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We consent to the filing of this opinion as an exhibit to the Registration Statement No. NI means National Instrument Investment Funds of the Canadian Securities Administrators, as it may be amended or replaced from time to time. Commonwealth means the Commonwealth of Australia and includes the Government for the time being thereof.

Do-not-resuscitate order means that term as defined in section 2 of the Michigan do-not-resuscitate procedure act, PAMCL Son or daughter means a biological, adopted, or foster child, a stepchild, a legal ward, or of a person standing in loco parentis, who is under 18 years of age, or is 18 years of age or older and incapable of self-care because of a mental or physical disability.

I don t think any of those infected Arizona lots got into Utah," said Commissioner Peterson. Immediately following the discovery of Karnal bunt, Utah ordered its grain inspectors to inventory existing lots of wheat and wheat seed in Utah.

Utah ports-of-entry were also alerted to inspect for shipments of grain from infected areas. State of Utah means the State of Utah, in its entirety, including its institutions, agencies, departments, divisions, authorities, instrumentalities, boards, commissions, elected or appointed officers, employees, agents, and authorized volunteers. MacBride Principles means those principles relating to nondiscrimination in employment and freedom of workplace opportunity which require employers doing business in Northern Ireland to:.

Principles means the document titled "Cruise Debt Holiday Principles" and dated March 26, in the form of Exhibit F hereto which sets out certain key principles and parameters relating to, amongst other things, the temporary suspension of repayments of principal in connection with certain qualifying Loan Agreements as defined therein and being applicable to Hermes-covered loan agreements such as this Agreement.