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Fkk club aschaffenburg

The Sauna Club is a place to relax in Hessen. A visit is refreshing, and imbued from the beginning to the end with beautiful experiences and events.

Fkk Club Aschaffenburg

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They are looking for casual dates, one-night stands, swingerclub visits or just platonic romance. Some girls are part time hookers "Hobbyhuren". They know what a guy wants after initial contact. This might be a great source for free sex dates in Germany. Hamburg BDSM sex club with sex slaves and domina service. Reasonable prices for drinks, rooms available for private parties.

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Show post s from this thread on one 2 of 4 First 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to :. Take Care. Breadman - The club is well worth a visit. There was no outside activity, and the girls were friendly and chatty. Some German girls, but mainly Eastern European when I visited.

The main lounge is massive with perhaps 15 couches positioned throughout.

Slightly dark on the inside but not as dark as 39 in Bochum where I needed to send up a flair to find my way around. There was some couch action but the girls then lead you up to the rooms on the first floor where there are 4 poster beds. Payment - just like Oase there are banks of small secure lockers by the bar and you pay the girl after the session. No problems with attempts to rip you off i. Not many visitors when I was there, possibly another 5 in the two hours I visited.

I hope this helps. Bayern is quite far away from where all the action is. What you do find there tends to be not to the standards further north and usually also tends to be more expensive.

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There is a club outside Muenchen, also one I've read about in Augsburg. But Regensburg? Tough one. Reading your posts a big desire to go there grow up in my mind. Now the dream is going to be real and i have a question for you.

I'll be in Germany one week on the end of august. I'll visit Munchen and Frannkfurt. I'll go by car with some of my friends. All of us with a little mongering expirience we visit Amsterdam and Prague. Wich places do you think is better for us? We are foreign in germany and all FKK virgins. Could whe have some problems in the big Frankfurt FKK? In fact, its worded exactly the same way. Go find that and my reply to it. No sense repeating my reply here. Thanks a ton,and if a senior member like you say no, I take it nothing exists, but in case Always hopeful any other member has any knowledge, please share the information.

Hi all, I have a chance to go fkk club aschaffenburg North for 3 days relaxing. I was wondering what NRW clubs are the best to go in term of look and services? I have been FKK-ing in Frankfurt area for a while and somewhat familiar with the set up. I have been reading and Goldentime is on the list but what else?

I am tended to spend a lot of time at the club, at least 6 hours or more. Any input would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks in advance. I have a chance to go up North for 3 days relaxing.

I was wondering what is the 3 top clubs to go? Goldentime is on my list but what else?

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I have a car and intent to spend quite a bit of time in the clubs, around 6 hours or more. Thanks for all suggestion in advance. By the way, what are the reasonable hotels in those areas?

Etap Hotels are basic, but clean, affordable and seems like they're everywhere. PHG is ok however there are people on the German boards who rave about this club. The 'Hof' Schieferhof in Wuppertal is also supposed to be good but I've never been there so can't really say. It is nowhere near Wuppertal.

Also know as Bernds or the Schieferhof or the Hof. If you want a nude club in NRW, there is no shortage of nude clubs. The Red Carpet Clubs are nude. I can make a list. At the Partytreffs the women are more often out of their clothes than they are in them so they may as well be nude. What is true about the NRW clubs: they are smaller, less tourist oriented, more fkk club aschaffenburg oriented. There is too much sameness at some of the larger clubs in Hessen.

Too many Rumanian women at World, for example.

Also, too transaction-oriented. Some women turn tricks there like they would flip burgers at a McDonalds. I also have the impression that some of these larger clubs allow anyone who wants to work. Give me a smaller club with a nice edited selection which represents an owners point of view anytime.

Someone has to set standards for who gets to work and who can't work at these clubs. Wildenrath used to represent the best NRW had to offer from a selection point of view but is on a watch list since recent renovations. I've not been to GT so I can't comment. Samya is an okay club but there are better clubs. PHG I'd go to only if I were in the neighborhood. I wouldn't go out of my way to go to it. I have not had good experiences at this club.

Selection in baden wurtenberg

I only go to the Frankfurt clubs if I find myself there. Thanks for all suggetions, so many clubs so little time. Hello people, Sunday I was in this for me great club. I spent 7 relaxing hours am. One important thing is that the girl can't approch you because is it forbidden and so the general atmosphere is more peaceful than the 3 big Frankfurt club's. Btw the girls always smile, chat and so on: more relax, less stress.

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About the girls I can tell you that the line-up was very good and for every kind of taste blonde, brunette, black. My first girl was a nice and good looking blonde with pretty face and beautiful smile: Adriana R. Imho the most beatiful girl of the Colosseum, an authentic sweet tiger.

Brunette long hairs with fantastic blu-green eyes. She is a sweet tiger. The best blowjob I ever had. One of the 3 best pay-girls i ever had. This is a good-club. I visited GoldenTime on Wednesday Aug 16 from about A kmz-file for Google Earth with the house marked is attached to this report.

I have not a big problem with this, but I missed the couch-action from other clubs. At Goldentime as opposed to happy Garden there is a porn-cinema were a little public action takes place.

Fkk leipzig

If you want a lot of public action just go to some other club, for example PT Dorsten, where everything is public. At GT I had sex with three different girls: Kiara sp? Nice face, and also body under that lingerie. Her tits were very well formed, but not so large. She gave the best service that I have ever gotten from a German girl and she also spoke very good English.

When I thanked her afterwards she actually said "No, thank You! A Romanian-girl, who i have forgotten the name of.