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Fkk feldmochinger see

Nicknamed Sunny Island, this Baltic Sea spot is split between Germany and Poland and boasts more average sunlight hours than just about any other spot in either country. The lake Wannsee, in the West of Berlin, is one of the most popular recreation spots in the city.

Fkk Feldmochinger See

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This part of Germany is likely to be most familiar to Western tourists. Much of the state is covered by low mountains, and its attractions include the Black Forest, spa towns like Baden Baden and the famous university and castle at Heidelberg. A prominent geographic feature located mostly within Freiburg is the Black Forest Schwarzwalda chain of verdant Appalachian-like mountains.

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Started by Guest15 Jun Posted 15 Jun Today I rediscovered the joys of swimming and especially swimming in lakes I must stop smoking, the technique and power was there but not the stamina and was wandering if anyone else was up for it on Saturday 24th of June. This will be the day after Crawlie's leaving do, and swimming is actually very good for clearing the head of a hangover.

I thought perhaps the afternoon say 2ish would be good, if the weather is kind.

Nudist beaches germany

I have chosen Feldmoching See, which I have never visited on the recommendation of my landlord, who tells me the water is cleanest in this lake as compared to Lerchenauer See where I was today. However if anyone else has any better suggestions then by all means we can do that instead. Posted 16 Jun I am game, and I have swum naked in the Isarbut I thought it would put people off if we went to the FKK section the nudey place. Once upon a time I could do 5km swims, but now Let's just say smoking is a very bad thing and you shouldn't do it.

I have just confirmed with my landlord that there is a beer garden where we can get something to eat, and there are kiosks round the lake where it is possible to buy beer. Forgive me for stating the obvious, but one should not drink and then swim, especially if you go out wide and far from help.

The naked volleyball is a must to check out, but don't be an ogler.

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in and let it all flap about. I used to go there all the time. That is until it got overcrowded. There is a "bugger see" close by that we found to be better. Much more cleaner and we could take our dog.

At times it was a bit crowded, but still it was fun with him splashing about. Posted 19 Jun I've been to Felmochinger See several times but now that I live in Unterschleissheim, I go to either the little lake behind the Ruderregatta or the Unterschleissheimer See. The lake behind the RR has a raft that you can swim out to.

Does the Feldmochinger See have one? Friday, honey, how could you forget the essential information: Bring your own BBQ! You are allowed to bbq on the western shore providing you clean up after yourselves.

No bonfires, no "organized" parties - so this is all spontaneous - and please take your garbage back home. You can get to the lake by bus from Feldmoching U2it runs every 40 mins on weekends. Link to schedule. Biking is a nice alternative, link to route starting at Lerchenauer Strasse north and east of Olympiapark.

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At the moment we only have two people with three possibles, so I thought it would be simpler just to go to the beer garden there for food and drink. To be honest I want to keep the focus on the lake swimming, although if there is enough interest in a barbecue then yeah why not?

As it happens there is this super hot german babe who is a regular by the coffee bar where I work, and I mentioned to her that I fkk feldmochinger see been lake swimming, and she said "I love to do that as well, perhaps when you next have the early shift we can do it after work" She went before I had the chance "God yes", so I left a message by her work saying how about tomorrow, so if everyone could wish me luck!!

She has the kind of body that would look sooooo good in a swimsuit, and not only that but she seems a really nice, charming girl.

And maybe even without the swimsuit. Okay, well if enough people express an interest then yeah let's do it, but like I say at the moment we only have 2 with three possible.

Was ist in der nähe??

How about altering the title so to indicate the possibilty of a barbecue if there is enough interest? Posted 21 Jun Meetups in Munich. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Use sunscreen, Don't get "Burned" hehehehehe. Are you going to the FKK section? Scogs and I might show up, depends on the jet lag.

What time are you gonna be there? This topic is now closed to further replies.

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