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Order by:. Available to:. Free Shipping. Overall Condition, Poor. And have been treasured by several owners. Chip to the back, dust in hairstyle and beard, Additional Information: A well used wooden mask worn on top of the head. Woven hair is on both top of head and beard. Front and back.

This mask represents a male character by its headdress and beard. Top of mask is decorated with a typical Cameroon Grasslands headdress. The Bamileke are among the artistic elite of the Cameroon Grasslands area. They are ruled by kings, and many of their masks are for royal festivities. Masks like this one belonged to the regulatory society, Kwifoyn They are identified as leader masks, Nkang.

Nkam, Akam. Lead a group of masks, and use two staffs to punish. Nkang symbolizes male authority and strength. Nkang masks was used at funerals of important members of the society, during seasonal annual festivals and to entertain the community. For similar examples and more information.

I have examined this piece and agree with the description. Niangi Batulukisi.

Including pictures, Copyright Africa Direct Inc. Africa Direct. It is owned by Eliza and Sara, who began the company after spending a yea. Hand Carved Bamun Helmet Mask Art, jewelry, We are a trusted and respected dealer. Today we have this very unique African Bamun helmet portrait mask from the Cameroon Grasslands.

These masks represent men of noble lineage and represent power and authority. The crests adorned with animal symbol of fertility. The Bamun are an ethnic group of Cameroon.

Bamun religion is based upon the ancestral spirits that were incorporated in the ancestors. Older men each lineage had possession of the relics of the ancestors, the ceremonies to appease these spirits. There is also respect for women, but the details are less well documented. The Bamun also believed that women made fruitful soil.

Hence the fact that women were responsible for planting and harvesting. The masks and representations of the head also were important. This piece is made of carved and painted wood, a crown with four faces. From the 20th century and measuring 19" x In encrusted museum condition with some shrinkage cracks.

Please feel free to view our images and ask any question.

An excellent collector's item! USA only. No Exceptions! Auction is for item pictured. If its not in the picture it doesn't come with it. Please ask all questions prior to bidding. Click an Image to Enlarge We completely understand the challenges of buying online and never consider a transaction complete until we hear you are completely satisfied.

You may return anything purchased from us if it proves otherwise. We will replace it. Refund your purchase or credit you as you wish. We do not want you to receive anything from Twin City Gold tha. African Bamileke Mask Cameroon 13" H.

Please look carefully at the photos. Postal costs include: postal charge. Packaging material cost. Regardless of the purchase price. Please me if you find any alternative form of payment that I havent covered. Buyer to pay all postage costs including a small packaging charge of between 1 pound for small items and 2 pounds for large items Thankyou and have fun bidding!

Superb African Bamileke Mask Cameroon Cameroon: Tribal used Old African Grassland head mask. Hand carved from a single piece of wood. With color pigments.

Height: 40 cm. This wooden mask is over a hundred years old. Archival quality.

Thank you for your interest. Posted with.

Cameroon Grassland Mask 2. The Cameroon Grasslands is a large cultural area. Which is inhabited by a large of related peoples.

These peoples can be divided into three smaller subgroups: Bamilike, Bamum, and Bamenda Tikar. Within these complexes there are numerous smaller ethnic groups, which are loosely affiliated with one another and share many historical and political similarities while retaining separate identities. All members of this group originally came from an area to the north and migrated in various complex patterns throughout the last several centuries. Fulani traders moving steadily southwards into Cameroon in the 17th century forced the southern drift of most of the current residents.

Many smaller groups combined. While other factions split away as a result of pressure from the invading Fulani. All of the peoples who make up the Cameroon Grasslands Each Fon is served by a council of elders who advise him on all important decisions and who also play an important role in the selection of the next Fon.

Most chiefs serve for a lifetime. Abdicating the throne or stool only when nearing death.

Complex age-grade societies also help to structure the community. The Fon also oversees these secret societies.

This mask was obtained from one of these grasslands tribes. It was obtained from a trader who traded for it from a village in Cameroon. Thickly covered with brass sheet and dense plaited local plant fibres along the forehead and beard. Typical headdress, broad nose, ribbed beard and open mouth with lips and two rows of teeth. The brass sheet covers the whole face and headdress and is well The surface shows geometric and floral patterns.

The backside of the mask shows a well executed oval shape. The surface of the mask shows a perfect well grown original age patina with well longtime polished areas as well as edge areas with typical age abrasion and s of use. Excellent s of age and use. Size: Total Height around Maximum Width around If you prefer another method of shipping. Please message us prior to bidding, and we will try and accommodate you. Extra charges may incur. Please take note of shipping charges and policies prior to bidding. Depending on size and destination of the items.

Combined shipping may not be possible on certain African antiquities.

Please message for more information.