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Köln tantra massage

Not having to do anything and being allowed to just feel. Attentively, consciously and without intention.

Köln Tantra Massage

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Dear Alex, I never dreamed that a complete stranger could cast a spell over me like this. That a stranger can pamper me so unconditionally, lovingly and tenderly and send me on a journey to a place I have never heard of before. A journey that I could not imagine in my most beautiful dreams, a journey into my innermost being.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart that yesterday you opened my body, my soul, my mind and also my heart. Until yesterday I didn't know what was really missing in my life.

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Unconditional touches like this are what I missed and which I wanted in my deepest inner world. Yesterday's experience will fundamentally change my life in my direction.

I have always been able to give and be there for others and sometimes I thought it was my fate. Yesterday I learned that I can also take and I enjoyed every second of taking. I read the sentence somewhere: You look like you're in love - No, I was in a tantra massage.

It was the same with me today when my girlfriend asked me Hey you look like you are in love and I answered no. I went to a tantra massage yesterday.

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I thank you for this experience and you are really an absolutely gifted person and masseur. Even if I have no comparison since it was my first time, I can't imagine that there is someone who can deal with people like you.

See you next time and I'm already curious what will happen again. You will not hear or read all of this for the first time, but I would also like to give you the confirmation that you have more than deserved, because unfortunately I couldn't yesterday. Thank you for taking the time to give feedback. Reporting profiles can be done anonymously. Alternatively, you can use our contact form. Quality profiles are the backbone of Trusted Bodywork.

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Show more. Philosophy Dear Alex, I never dreamed that a complete stranger could cast a spell over me like this. Warm greetings Heike Further information and guest feedback on Alex can be found at: Alexander is part of the Ananda Cologne team - more information, free appointments and the possibility of online booking on the.

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