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Here you will find a collection of stories about australia’s military service history as well as personal insights and stories about our service men and women and their experiences.

Rocky said:. I'm not even convinced she was there to begin with Until someone confirms she was sighted, there's no guarantee she was even with them when they got there. Redacted said:.

There's pictures taken of her at the camp site the day before she went missing posted in the newspaper Sent from my SM-AYN using Tapatalk. Rocky Debutant.

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Kurve said:. Redacted posted a or so back that there was a picture of Cleo at the campsite. Redacted All Australian. One of my grand uncle's was a National Park Ranger back in the 60's and 70's.

He had a few postings, Denmark, Hopetoun and finally Cervantes. He wrote a book about his last posting at Nambung National Park. One of his jobs at this then brand new National Park was to issue notices to all the beach shacks that they had to be demolised. Back then there was a lot of illegal camping along the coast, and he said it was rife with thefts, the most common was petrol.

They were so brazen as to siphon a tank whilst people were sleeping inside their cars, or steal camping equipment and bags from tents as people slept inside them.

They'd steal Dirt bikes and quad bikes, even a boat and trailer was unhitched and taken. By the time I visited the pinnacles a decade later all the shacks had gone and no camping s were posted at all the camp sites, but none the less s were posted to beware of theives and not to leave cars unattended. As a side note, old Alf did tell me one story about one van of tourists who decided to kip for the night at the pinnacles.

They waved him down the next morning telling him that a bigfoot had menaced them, peering into the than and after scaring the bigfoot off they found massive footprints in the sand around their van and over the sandunes heading east.

Alf had a chuckle to himself, as didn't have the heart to tell ladies forum cleo that the bigfoot was in fact a local farmer who was 7 foot tall and his feet were big. Too big to get comfortable boots, who enjoyed walking across the cool desert sand at night to relieve his rheumatism. But I digress. My point being is not to read things into this case beyond what the evidence tells us and don't make assumptions about what's impossible or not.

Jon Munday is not a stupid police inspector. If there's a line of inquiry, he's sure to have put resources into it. The priority will be to find Cleo. StCicatriz Brownlow Medallist.

View attachment This is a photo near Carnarvon right on sunset, which is when they said they arrived at the campsite. Already fairly difficult to see. Pretty good timing if you want to say your kids were with you but it was too dark for others to see them I guess.

StCicatriz said:. I was thinking the same but then how does the sleeping bag go missing? Fishing rod is out on the table. Was he asleep too or was he fishing through the night? Thus far this is a real mystery and obviously a potential tragedy - but I think some here are reading far too much into this, specifically the media's recent interview with the parents. To me they look still in a state of shock and disbelief that this is somehow just all a bad dream - and respectfully, this couple don't appear to be the sharpest tools in the shed, which le me to think they had nothing to do with the planning of or any actions relating to this child's disappearance?

No doubt they have already been interviewed in detail, at length, separately etc.

Example; last Tuesday night, what time did you walk into the bedroom, which side of the bed did you walk around to pick up your book, was the book faced down, was it next to the lamp, was the lamp on, who turned the lamp on, what about the curtains, were they open or closed, who closed the curtains etc. Then you ask them the same questions the next ladies forum cleo, but framed in a different manner, and they suddenly have slightly different memories. My theory - little Cleo has woken up early, left the tent to go pee, walked down towards to beach and someone has snatched her - and it may or not be a person that knows the step-father or her biological father Last edited: Oct 20, ChampRevesby Brownlow Medallist.

Looks like there is mobile coverage, see below. New phone towers expand coverage If you are driving north from Carnarvon your phone reception just got better. BomberManU Senior List. How close is the camp site to the water? How far to the blowhole? Easily walkable by a 4 year old? I still think the least likely answer is abduction.

Followed by the parents involvement. That leaves wandering off and getting into trouble. Also can't believe there was some sort of genuine accident and they've concocted this story. By 'genuine', I mean something that didn't involve gross negligence.

BomberManU said:. BuddysBiggestFan said:. Keep working on your theory.

If she needed to go to the toilet she would have woken her parents up too…. What 4 year old wanders off in the middle of the night carrying her sleeping bag? BFew Norm Smith Medallist. This is an international story now, Jake will have to get arrested soon.

BFew said:. Did someone possibly steal the sleeping bag, only to find that there was in it too?

They're not leaving any stone unturned according to this article. If the child was never there in the first place, then the sleeping bag becomes irrelevant.

Killer Power Norm Smith Medallist. If you've done something dodgy wouldn't you bring the sleeping bag? Show hidden low quality content. Similar thre K.