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Melissa freiburg

The creation of dance performances and education are two main pillars of their work. The company focuses on working with professionals as well as different social groups, including them in the creative process and connecting them to each other through art. In the long term, they want to create a platform for artists from different disciplines — a meeting place for exchange, networking and mutual support.

Melissa Freiburg

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Stetson School of Music alumna, mezzo-soprano Melissa Serluco, has been a working classical singer in Germany for the past two years. Even with Covid wreaking havoc on the performing world she has managed to keep her career going. She is happy to announce that she melissa freiburg her partner both have secured year-long Fest chorus contracts with the opera house in Freiburg Germany. I wish I had done the exchange program back at Stetson now. I probably would have gotten serious about my German soon! She is able to cover roles in Freiburg and her contract also gives her some freedom to audition for solo concert work and guest opera contracts at other theaters during the year.

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We are always looking for highly motivated people to our team! Get in touch if you are interested.

Maryam completed her B. She ed Dr. In her personal life, Maryam enjoys traveling, reading books, making handmade goods, hiking, and biking. She enjoys cooking, cycling and swimming.

Mariia completed her B. She ed the lab of Dr. Jessen-Trefzer to pursue her Ph. D in the field of biology where she studies potential of Encapsulin from Mycobacterium smegmatis as a prodrug-activating nanoreactor and drug-delivery platform. When she is not in the lab, Mariia enjoys traveling, hiking and mastering the hula-hoop.

Michael completed his B. He ed the team of Dr. Jessen-Trefzer to write his master thesis in chemistry. He is working on the synthesis and microbiological studies of trehalose conjugates for cancer therapy in the project of Maryam Fardpour.

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Away from research, Michael enjoys baking, cooking, athletics, motorsport and spending time in nature. Dimitri ed the group of Dr. During his free time he enjoys to go running and hiking. Meet the team We are a young team of researchers.

Doctoral Candidate Maryam Fardpour. Doctoral Candidate Melissa Weldle.

Doctoral Candidate Mariia Zmyslia. Masterstudent Michael Grimmeisen.

Stetson school of music alumna, mezzo-soprano melissa serluco, s freiburg opera

Diploma Student Dimitri Romanovsky. We would like to thank our former members for their great work. Other Articles Head of Group.