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Tantra mönchengladbach

It offers a professional and appreciative framework for a complex personal development process on the subject of sexuality.

Tantra Mönchengladbach

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Tantra balingen pregnant sex.

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Kaya has been a long-time tantra masseuse, certified tantra teacher with many years of seminar experience and hypnotist in hypnotherapy GOH. Thank you for taking the time to give feedback.

Maria vollmer - tantra - tupper & tequila

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Offers Certified Tantric Massage. Show more. I am Kaya, a tantric woman with a profound, open and sensual nature. The special thing about my work is to touch people and to be close without constricting them, it is a gift, how loving presence and mindfulness in interaction with sexual energy get a quality and naturalness that cannot be put into words.

Acceptance and space for every moment that arises, completely present and individual for each individual, whether man or woman. My intention is to bring love and healing into the world, to open doors for men and women into their deepest inner being and into their own sexuality.

It is also about dissolving sexual conditioning. In tantra and tantra massage we combine heart and sexuality which are very often separate in women and men.

A state of total surrender and deep relaxation is created, new life energy is built up and transformed into every cell of your body. English, German.

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Zertifizierte Tantralehererin - LoveCreation- Leader. Contact Website Facebook.

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