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Nairobi - Things to do. Share Pin. All over the world, there are unwritten guidelines on what is expected of one. These instructions, which becomes a culture, are passed down from generation to generation and become part of daily living. Kenya is made up of different ethnic groups. There are more than 43 tribes, this means that the culture in this country is varied.

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For most people, a Kenya vacation is a dream come true. A Kenya safariif well planned, is a genuine adventure; a unique experience, especially when you know Kenya vacation etiquette. But whichever way you look at it, planning a Kenya safari is a time-consuming and baffling process! Which tourist attractions should you explore? Which company should you travel with? How much do they charge?

Kenyan culture: do’s and don’ts you should know about

Which hotels are family-friendly? Greet them warmly, and as they respond, pay attention to what they are saying and avoid the temptation to look around or fiddle with your phone. In Kenya, it is illegal to sunbathe topless in public.

Some coastal hotels allow it, but this behavior is frowned upon. For women, the bathing suit can be a bikini, but the moment you dress all teeny-tiny beyond the beaches, you draw a lot of unwanted attention from beach boys.

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Most of the people in the Kenyan coast are Muslims, and beyond the hotel, women should wear decent skirts, shorts, or trousers and have something to cover their shoulders. Mombasa, being below sea level, is hot and humid, but make sure you wear tops with at least cap sleeves.

Skirts and tops should extend at least an inch above the knee. In Nairobi, clothe humble and simple like a Peace Corps volunteer.

Lodges in kenya: the dos and don’ts

Decent tops and jackets, coupled with summer skirts and jeans, keep you comfortable during the nights. Although tank tops and other stylish and more revealing tops are a common thing in Nairobi, I would not advise a Muzungu the local name for westerners to be all thigh-a-licious.

Revealing your thighs creates mental distress, as the upper legs are to Kenyans what breasts are in the western world. Avoid the ature Kenya vacation gear like zip-off pants, big floppy hats, and white shirts as they can really attract thieves. Also, Khaki Safari gears are risky since they make you appear like a super-rich tourist and they really catch the dirt. At Ajkenyasafaris. Our team is always happy to:.

Kenyan culture

During a Kenya vacation, being too affectionate to your partner in public is distasteful. In particular, deep kissing in public makes Kenyans extremely uncomfortable, and it is frowned upon. If you are out on a honeymoon vacation to Kenya, I would suggest confining yourself to the luxury hotels and destinations; most of the people who visit these destinations have adopted the western culture. But if you are the kind of person who loves taking photos of or with everything, be careful when taking photos with Kenyans.

Taking photos of local people is considered rude and you should ask for permission first. In the Kenyan culture ts kenya, respect is a crucial aspect. Both children and elders are supposed to respect each other.

For example, children are not supposed to sit while a senior person is standing, children should use polite language when addressing elders, and they should not call the elders by their name, as this is considered disrespectful. In Kenya, it is disrespectful to point someone using the index finger.

You should use all the fingers when pointing to something or someone. Also, during a handshake or when passing something over to another person, use your right hand. As a tradition, Kenyan sellers and buyers bargain for a better price, and in our opinion, this is the perfect chance to learn about the Kenyan economy. When barraging for items, throw in a few Swahili words. It impresses the locals and it will save you a dollar or two.

Kenya vacation etiquette: do’s and don’ts to avoid offending kenyans

Dress Decently Beyond the Beach. Avoid Showing Affection in Public. Point With All Fingers. Recent Posts.