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Von halfern park aachen

Friedrich von Halfern was a rich cloth manufacturer, with a part-time job as bank director and city councilor. But in his spare time he apparently still had enough time to work as a dendrologist.

Von Halfern Park Aachen

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It was laid out in the style of an English landscape garden and there are trees and plants up to years old, from North America, Europe and Asia, among others. After Gustav's death, his son, the Aachen cloth manufacturer, bank director and city councilor of BurtscheidFriedrich von Halfernhad a park laid out based on the English model based on plans by city gardening director Heinrich Grube.

Notable places in the area

For this he also acquired added another forest and farmland, leaving the now developing a hectare park with romantic aspects with all kinds of artificial watercourses, caves, temples and turrets equip as well as a forest bowling alley, a bowling green and a small, a bow and arrow shooting Equip the riding arena. Furthermore, Friedrich von Halfern, who was a recognized dendrologist in his leisure time, left was to get and plant rare and for Aachen unusual tree species from different countries.

Soon these rarities added up to more than 80 deciduous and 50 conifers, including sweetgum treesaraucariasEngelmann sprucestrees of godspyramid oaksprimeval sequoias or Lebanon cedar. He also tried to recreate the mythological Yggdrasil ashwhich he did not fully succeed in.

He sold surplus trees and offshoots to the city of Aachen, most of them in the nearby Kaiser-Friedrich-Park planted.

In the park was hit by a violent storm. Von Halfern did not have the knocked down trees replaced with new ones, but instead turned them into light walking and picnic areas lined with forest meadows.

After Friedrich von Halfern died inhis son Carl von Halfern inherited the entire property and let his mother manage it during his absence. But a few years later he had to endure the Belgian occupation forces occupying the villa and the park during the First World Warand a Belgian spy station moving into the estate after the war.

This led to a neglect of the park maintenance and a temporary deterioration of the facility. Finally, Carl von Halfern sold the lands to the city of Aachen in after he had been appointed regional president in Hildesheim. The Villa Hochgrundhaus himself he donated to the city on condition that it be used for a social purpose.

Attractions nearby

The mansion was then converted into a day sanatorium for young people with lung disease or those in need of relaxation. The park has been open to the public since Nevertheless, the park continued to decline during the Second World Warand it was not until that the City Garden Authority began to ensure that the extensive complex was properly maintained and looked after.

After a smallpox ward was set up in the manor house in and a women's shelter from the end of the s, the Association for the Promotion of Waldorf Education leased the house from and set up a Waldorf kindergarten that still exists today. In the meantime, most of the trees that have survived the wars and storms, some more than years old, have become natural monuments in the park placed under special protection so that they could develop to enormous size and powerful shape.

Today the park is a popular destination for the people of Aachen. Home Wiki.